Framing in Elk River

Making sure you are getting the best framing innovation for your hard-earned dollar is what Pro Siders Inc does best. We are Elk River’s number one recommended resource for forward-thinking solutions that won’t break the bank. You can count on us for actionable design plans that meet current building and safety standards, and a licensed crew of hard-working installation technicians who are fully insured, bonded, and always on time for any jobs scheduled with you.

Residential Framing Design Solutions

Communication is an important part of any professional framing job. During our free consultation process, we go above and beyond to identify cost-saving opportunities for you. We respond to complex designs with ease, using the right tools, advanced machinery and qualified personnel to get the work done efficiently.

Allow us to construct value-driven blueprints on your behalf or sit back and let us bring your existing plans to life. We’re the established framing contractors that local developers, builders, and homeowners rely on for precision results and our ability to hit tight deadlines.

Steel Frame Construction for Roofing, Walls and Floor Systems

Steel is becoming an increasingly popular way to fortify homes of all kinds across the area. One of the main benefits of steel is that paired with a zinc coating, it is resistant to corrosion and can outlast wooden counterparts by decades. Steel frame is a formidable material that can withstand weather factors such as high winds and seismic activity. Steel is a custom material that is more durable than wood in that it stands against termites, shrinking warping or splitting. In addition, this metal is lightweight and generates less waste.

The depth of our knowledge and large-scale project management experience covers a wide variety of steel frame construction and installation services, including:

  • Truss Setting
  • Fasteners
  • I-beams
  • U-Channels
  • L-headers
  • Tracks
  • Furring Channels
  • Steel Flooring and Subflooring Systems
  • Exterior Boxing
  • Joists
  • Studs
  • Trusses

Wood Framing Contractors in Elk River

Whether your home needs a small renovation, or you are responsible for the construction of a multi-story, multi-location project, we are confident our wood framing contractors can help you meet your goals––and save you time and money. Using the latest installation technology and hand-selected, vetted personnel, we work quickly and systematically to reduce waste and erect dimensional lumber structures that will meet your high-standards and withstand the test of time. From complicated vaulted systems to trays and technical radius work, we are the framing contractors who do it all.

Exceptional Framing Contractors for Your Home

If we’re the leaders among construction framing companies, why are our price points so competitive? We’ve built our business and solid reputation around providing accessible framing construction services for homes of all sizes. By maintaining excellent supplier relationships, we can source the high-quality steel and timber you need––for less than the other guys.

Call our Elk River office to book an appointment with our top framing innovators at your earliest convenience. We will provide you with a free no-obligation quote for your home’s next construction project.